Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What is a sports massage?


A 1:  The goal of sports massage is to remove adhesions and spasms in the muscles to increase the athletes flexibility and efficiency of muscle activation. All of this helps to get athlete pain free and back to their peak performance. It can be done pre or post event and it is appropriate for someone with or without an injury. 

Q 2: What types of massage do you do?

A 2: I am trained in sport's massage, Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, fascial distortion model and chair massage. 

Q 3 :What professional organizations do you belong to?

A 3:  I belong to the American Massage Therapy Association. The AMTA requires me to attend 48 hours of continuing education every four years. I am also a certified Fascial Distortion Model practitioner, I find this to be one of my key educational experiances and it's what makes the way I approach treatment to be so unique. 

Q 4: What should I wear during the massage?

A 4: Most of the time for a sport's massage or a soft tissue session, shorts and a t-shirt will be just fine. I can work over and through most athletic attire. In the session that you want a traditional full body massage, I will leave the room to allow you privacy to undress and to get on the table. Many clients wear just their underclothing. You may undress down to what you are comfortable wearing. You will be COVERED at all times with a sheet and blanket during the entire session to ensure your privacy.

Q 5: What else should I know?

A 5: After your massage you may feel very relaxed; breaking through overuse patterns in the body tends to loosen a lot of seemingly unrelated areas of the body where you didn't even realize you were holding tension. You are encouraged to drink extra water the day of your massage and the day after also.

Q 6: Do I need an appointment?

A 6: No. Walk-ins are very welcome, to ensure you get an appointment please call (719) 505-3893 to schedule or email me at

Q 7: What if I need to change my appointment?

A 7: Appointments can be changed if more than 24-hours notice is given. Unfortunately, if you cancel or are a no-show for your appointment with LESS than 24-hours notice you will be charged for your treatment. Voice mail is accessible 24 hours a day, (719) 505 3893. Please call as soon as you know you have an appointment conflict.