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About Casey


Hi! I’m Casey Navis, I graduated in 2010 with my Bachelor's in Exercise Science, (after completing an internship at the Mayo Clinic). Prior to becoming a massage therapist, I worked at a prominent Chiropractic Clinic in Colorado Springs for 3 years, with a diverse clientele spanning from Olympians to car accident victims.

I decided to get my Massage Therapy License to expand what I already enjoy doing with the vast athletic population in the Springs. Assessing biomechanics has always been a passion of mine and having the opportunity to work in a environment where so much emphasis is placed on proper form and mechanics is an incredible fit. 

I started obstacle course racing in 2011 and have found a fair amount of success in the sport beginning with being on Team Luu and now being sponsored by Second Skin. 


Casey's Certifications


LMT (Licenced Massage Therapist) - Graduated Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy (CIMT) – 2013

FDM (Fascial Distortion Model) - Lower Extremities - 2013

Swedish - by Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy (CIMT) – 2013

Hot Stone – certified by Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy (CIMT) – 2013

EBFA (Evidence Based Fitness Academy) – Foot and Ankle level 1 and Biomechanics of Low Back Pain in 2012

FMS  (Functional Movement System) - certified in November of 2011

TPI (Titlist Performance Institute) – certified in March of 2011

BS - Exercise Science -  graduated 2010



      OCR Warrior in 2015

      OCR Warrior in 2015

About Shanan


Hello!  I’m Shanan Lee, a new(ish) therapist at Resolve Therapeutics, I graduated in 2010 after exploring a few different majors with a degree in Business Management. 

 I started competing in Powerlifting in 2015, as an outlet for the frustrations I was feeling in a dead-end career. It gave me purpose, control, and ultimately started me down the path I’m currently on. Through Powerlifting I began to learn more about the body, especially as I dealt with old and new injuries. An old injury flare-up was what led me to find Casey and Resolve Therapeutics. 

With a little guidance from Casey and my family and friend’s support, I graduated from Colorado Springs School of Massage in October of 2017. I passed the state exam to become a Licensed Massage Therapist the following month. I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by incredible mentors that have enabled me to learn at an accelerated rate. As a proponent of a growth mindset and I’m excited to continue learning and developing my practice at Resolve Therapeutics. 

Shanan's Certifications

LMT (Licenced Massage Therapist) - Graduated Colorado Springs School of Massage  – 2017

Kinetic Chain Enhancement - Lower Extremities - 2018

Swedish - by Colorado Springs School of Massage – 2017


BS - Business Management – graduated 2010